Welcome to Divorce on Demand, Oregon's county-specific, attorney-reviewed online divorce service. Our comprehensive service takes the complicated legal aspects of divorce and breaks it down into four, user-friendly sections. Our team will help draft all of the legal paperwork the court requires for each stage of the separation. You will also receive instructions on where and how to file, have access to multiple help guides and can even schedule a consultation with an attorney.

Additional Information

Starting the Process

From the comfort of your home, office or any other device connected to the internet, our-easy-to-use website will walk you through the steps required to begin a divorce.

Filing Your Petition

This document, called Petition, sets your divorce in motion. After answering questions about various aspects of your marital life, Divorce on Demand will begin to draft your Petition and its supporting documents. Answer all questions honestly, as your answers are the basis of these documents. Upon completion, you will be able to download your documents, along with instructions on where to sign, where to file, and the order in which the documents should be arranged.

Generating the Judgment

After you file your Petition, it's time to begin working on the second phase of any divorce: the Judgment. The Judgment states the terms of the divorce. It is the final court order that ends the marriage. In it, you and your spouse are agreeing upon custody of children, the division of marital assets and more. It is very important to fill out this information carefully and diligently.

Again, upon completion the documents and filing instructions will be available for download.


Once these documents have been filed with the court, your filing obligations are complete. Although the court should contact you directly when the Judge signs the Judgment, we highly recommend that you follow-up if you haven't heard anything within a couple weeks.


Petition Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to helpyou record all of the necessary details to complete the initial paperwork that starts the divoce process.

Judgment Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you record all of the necessary details to complete the paperwork that finalizes the divorce process.

Parenting Time Template

This worksheet is designed to give you an idea of what parenting time plan might look like, and to assist in recording the necessary information needed for one.

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